I tend to get caught up trying to be bigger than I am. What do I mean by that? Well, I have this deep assurance that God has called me for “greater things”. He does, but what do “greater things” actually mean? For some it may mean popularity and fame. For some it may mean financial success. For others it may be a variety of things. The problem is that I try to correlate my success as an individual with someone else’s. What I realized is that there is something flawed about that state of mind. “Greater things” do not necessarily mean “bigger things”. It means that what God has called me and you for goes beyond what our physical eyes can see, and into what our spiritual eyes must discern. The “greater things” that are to come are only possible because they are greater than you and I, but all in God’s sovereign hand. Believe it or not though, sometimes it is the small things that count the greatest.

The other day while on lunch break I passed by a burger joint to get a quick bite. Right after I walked in, another man walked in. His head was shaved bald, he was a couple inches shorter than me, wore baggy clothes, and had various tattoos over his arms. He was quite sweaty and I knew he had been walking for a while. I placed my order and he placed his right after me. I went to sit down and waited for my order number to be called, as did he. His number was called before mine so he went to pick up his food at the counter. He opened up the wrapper and grabbed the burger and was just about to bite into it when all the of the sudden the lady at the counter yelled, “Sir! I’m sorry but this is your order. That burger belongs to that gentleman.” She was pointing at me. “Oh (explicit)!” He yelled. He looked at me as I turned and looked at him. He looked down and just said, “I’m sorry man, I put my hands on it but my hands are clean.”  I actually was not bothered at all. He brought over my tray and kept apologizing to me. I insisted it was fine and that no trouble had been done. He went up and grabbed his tray and on the way back to his seat I asked him to just sit with me.

This is where I knew God was doing something great even over a small lunch. He came and sat down and just continued to apologize. I simply smiled at him and ensured him that everything was ok. I noticed what he actually ordered. It was just a cup of water and a small dollar burger. I offered him some of my fries and he gladly accepted them. As we ate our lunch he began to share a little bit about himself. He said he was walking around looking for work and was trying to get a job soon. He expressed how he knew that it would be difficult. He mentioned having 4 felonies on his record and that same day he had just been released from spending 9 months in county jail. His eyes were heavy and I could hear a desperation in his voice. I looked back down on to his plate and offered to buy him a whole meal. He looked at me as if I was joking and just said,”Sure.” I went and ordered his food and brought it to him. He asked me why I was being nice to a complete stranger. That’s where I knew the opportunity to do something great arose. I told him, “I’ve made many mistakes in my life before. Many I am ashamed of. But because Jesus Christ showed me grace and showed me His love, I believe I need to do the same for others. We all need a little help here and there.” He looked down and tears ran down his face. I grabbed his hand and asked if I could pray for him and he shook his head yes. And there we were, in the middle of a burger joint praying to a great and amazing God over a small lunch. A man that was in desperation, and another man that was simply on lunch. Something so small turned out to be something so great.

I gave him a ride to a job he was going to apply at down the street. Before he got off he looked at me and said, “Thank you man. My friend invited me to church, and because of you I know that God wants me to go.”

I bought him lunch, prayed for him, and gave him a ride down a couple blocks. Many would look at that and say that I really didn’t help him much. I would say, you are right, it was not much. But that is the beauty of our great God, he takes the small and turns them into “Greater Things”. Jesus is always working and always reaching the broken and hurting. He wants you to be a part of those things. Often times it comes in small ways that leave great impacts.

I’m praying for that man. I wrote down my number and gave it to him. Hopefully we can meet again. Until then I know God is working. I realize that God is always doing amazing things. He reminded me that the small things is often how he accomplishes that.

I’ll leave you with this passage from Luke 16:10 (ESV),

“One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.”

Grace And Peace
Soli Deo Gloria